Virtual Events

Join your Intercessor Family, the MDM and their Special Guests each month for the various Living Novena virtual events including the St. Michael Chaplet, Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Each virtual event has three components. The Cape Cafe - The Intercessor Prayer Experience - Open Mic and announcements.

Living Novena

Virtually visit Our Lady of the Cape daily to recite the Queen of Intercessors Living Novena prayers including the Saints for the month. Simply select the current month on the Intercessor Home Page for Shrine Cam Link and prayers. 

Rosary Confraternity

St. John Vianney once said, “If anyone has the happiness of being in the Confraternity of the Rosary, he has in all corners of the world brothers and sisters who pray for him.”

Blessed Roses

A mostly forgotten element of the making of Canada's National Marian Shrine was Our Lady's countless favours granted through Fr. Luc's blessing of the roses as sacramentals. 

Divine Invitation

9 and 33 Day family or individual options for Marian Consecration.

Become a Pilgrim Partner

Thanks to MDM Pilgrim Partners, the Queen of Intercessors is reaching more souls each and every day! Each monthly donor recieves a Cape Prayer Shawl that has touched the miraculous statue of Our Lady of the Cape!

Join the Intercessor Family "HERE"

On behalf of the Queen of Intercessors, you are encouraged to "... store up for yourselves treasures in heaven ..."  Mt 6:20 (NRSVCE) by both participating in the Living Novena and inviting others to join the Intercessor Family. Back to Intercessor Home Page "HERE."